6 Master Bathroom Ideas to Incorporate In Your Next Remodel

If you’re looking to elevate your master bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the design inspiration and master bathroom ideas for your next remodel. Renovating your master bath means you’ll need to consider backsplashes, flooring, shower and tub options, and storage designs. While weighing the pros and cons of each may seem overwhelming, we’re here to provide guidance to make your remodel as painless as possible while giving you the most bang for your buck!

6 Master Bathroom Ideas to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel

1. Shower tile

Shower tile often serves as the centerpiece of the master bath, and luckily there is a wealth of creative and functional options available!

  • For a sleek, futuristic look, extend the floor tile all the way up the wall and to the ceiling. Extending the shower floor contributes to a seamless modern design and helps make the master bathroom appear even larger.
  • To take advantage of the power of shower tiles, match the shower walls to the countertop. Matching the shower tile to different elements in the remodel creates a bold, stylish look.

2. New flooring

Bathroom flooring is a crucial part of any bathroom design, but especially in a master bath where there is more visible floor space. Choose flooring that combines a clean aesthetic with waterproof functionality.

  • For a practical upgrade, extend the shower tile, faux wood, or vinyl flooring to accommodate both good taste and durability.
  • For a luxurious master bathroom, explore your marble flooring options. Plus, heated flooring can add an element of indulgent comfort to your morning routine.

3. Custom his-and-hers vanity

Custom cabinetry and his-and-hers vanity sets can add an element of sophisticated glamor to your master bathroom remodel.

  • To keep countertops decluttered, ask your general contractor to make space in your vanity drawers for outlets and power cords.
  • Remember that a vanity with legs can bring some added style, and a floating vanity creates a more open, airy environment.

4. Dual shower heads

Dual shower heads can elevate your master bathroom. Not only will dual shower heads provide better water flow, but they offer more flexibility for couples of different sizes.

  • For a luxurious spa or hotel experience, try a dual shower head that allows you to control spray settings on each shower head individually. Having a fixed rain shower head and a standard handheld shower head can be especially helpful when shaving or showering together.

5. Freestanding soaking tub

Move over whirlpool— freestanding soaking tubs are taking over as the most popular way to relax your mind and cleanse your body.

  • Clawfoot tubs pack a powerful punch of nostalgia, in addition to making quite the style statement.
  • Cast iron tubs are classic when you can find them, plus their heat retention properties make them the most practical choice for long baths.
  • Japanese tubs, on the other hand, are made of traditional, natural materials and have aromatherapeutic benefits. Since they’re made to be sat in, these Japanese tubs take up less space in the master bathroom.

Adding a privacy wall with textured surfaces can help direct the flow of energy while contributing visually stimulating materials. Separating the bath area from the toilet area will enhance the overall design, but keep in mind that installing the tub next to the shower provides more accessibility.

6. Variable ambient lighting options

Since remodeling the master bedroom is all about setting the mood, we need to extend that inviting and cozy energy into the master bath. Variable ambient lighting options make your daily routine seem almost indulgent!

  • To update the lighting in your master bathroom, consider switching from high-wattage to soft, ambient lamps.
  • Consider adding nontraditional elements like pendant lights over the tub or vanity.
  • Choose different levels of illumination with brighter lights at the vanity and softer lights around the tub.

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Incorporating these master bathroom ideas into your next remodeling project will transform your space into your sanctuary. From the shower tile design to the style of soaking tub that you prefer, each element plays an essential part in building the master bathroom of your dreams. And don’t forget practical touches like ambient lighting and dual shower heads.

With the right guidance and interior design choices, your master bath can increase the value of your home while reflecting feelings of care, nurture, and love. If you want the best in Lodi, CA, call Schatz Construction for your next bathroom remodel or home renovation project! Check out our latest completed projects in our online remodeling gallery.

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