6 Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Is your home in need of a bathroom makeover? A bathroom remodel can be an effective way to update your home, without making it uninhabitable. Since bathrooms are generally smaller, labor costs and material costs are generally lower, too. After all, less space translates to a lower ceiling for costs. But without the right guidance, it can be easy to get lost in a bathroom remodeling project, eating up time and money.

At Schatz Construction, we know the importance of a well-designed bathroom that both reflects your personal style and elevates the standard of functionality. Our award-winning team of general contractors and interior designers suggest that you consider the following before remodeling your bathroom. With expert guidance from industry professionals, you can have the bathroom of your dreams– rather than the remodeling project of your nightmares.

6 Things to Think About Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

1. Define your remodeling goals.

It may be difficult for you to envision the final picture when the goals for your bathroom remodel are unclear. Define your goals before breaking down any doors! Are you looking to expand storage options before expanding your family or do you want to update the aesthetics and functionality to create a blissful spa retreat?

Think of your bathroom remodeling as a conversation, either between you and your partner and household or between you and the renovation team. Having a crystal clear vision will help the team tailor the project to fit your lifestyle needs and goals.

2. Double-check your budget before remodeling your bathroom.

Budget is a crucial aspect of any construction project, but going over budget can stop a bathroom remodel in its tracks! Professional general contractors will work with you to create a comprehensive budget that includes your materials and labor, plus some wiggle room for unexpected costs. To ensure a streamlined process from beginning to end, always double-check your budget before starting a remodeling project.

3. Consider timeless, versatile designs when planning your bathroom remodel.

As we learned from popcorn ceilings, trendiness should never outweigh functionality! You want to enjoy your bathroom remodel for years to come. Opt for timeless, versatile design elements when planning your bathroom remodel. Patterned tiles, colored grout, reworked neutrals, and intentional lighting can elevate the style of your bathroom into a sophisticated, timeless look straight out of Architectural Digest.

4. Play with lighting when planning your bathroom remodel.

The right lighting is essential for achieving a level of comfort and care. Play with lighting ideas when planning your bathroom remodel to create the right ambiance. Incorporating a mix of ambient, accent, and functional lighting can help you prioritize self-care, relaxation, and cleanliness. Light from a sole ceiling fixture can create harsh shadows if someone is freshening their makeup or grooming their facial hair. Consider using sconces around the bathroom mirror to illuminate, or install a dimmer switch to set the mood.

5. Choose high-quality materials and fixtures when remodeling your bathroom.

When remodeling your bathroom, the little things matter! Choosing high-quality materials and fixtures helps convey the luxury aesthetic– plus they’re often the more sustainable option. Our team can help you choose durable options that will look great for years to come. If you’re low on wall art ideas, adding a secondary mirror can help to visually expand the room and give the appearance of more light. A mirror above the primary mirror or along a whole wall can do wonders for opening up a space!

6. Maximize storage opportunities when remodeling your bathroom.

Efficient storage is one of the first tenets of a clutter-free environment. When remodeling your bathroom, make sure to maximize your storage opportunities. Consider built-in shelving, under-sink cabinets, or floating shelf solutions to stay organized. If you’re tight on space, build recesses for some extra space. Built-ins for medicine cabinets, toilet roll holders, and soap dishes can be a stylish way to maximize your functional space in a tiny bathroom.

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