Top Things That Make Or Break Your Kitchen Remodel

So you’re finally ready to get started on the home improvement project of your dreams! Congratulations on taking the first step toward creating a kitchen that serves the true heart of your home. But as you may already know, a kitchen remodel is about more than just new cabinets or updated countertops.

Since a remodeling project can involve knocking down walls or relocating plumbing, a kitchen remodel has the power to totally transform the footprint of your home! Securing building permits and sourcing fixtures can be overwhelming, and it helps to have a general contractor that can guide you through the process. Let’s take a closer look at the top things that make or break your kitchen remodel.

7 Key Elements That Can Make or Break Your Kitchen Remodel

1. Appliances can elevate your kitchen design.

Although your kitchen appliances aren’t physically integrated into the kitchen design, they still play a pivotal role in functionality and appearance. While splurging on quality appliances may require you to sacrifice somewhere else, you’ll see that choosing the right appliances for you can make or break your kitchen remodel. Updated appliances go a long way in elevating the overall look of your kitchen! Sleek stainless steel appliances are perfect for a modern feel or opt for timeless classics for a nostalgic charm.

2. The backsplash you choose matters.

Sure, the backsplash protects your walls near your cooking area’s “splash zone,” but designers love to utilize this space to establish a cohesive theme. Mixing in unexpected backsplash details like a contrasting grout color will help to make your backsplash pop! Making the stove area the focal point of your kitchen is a great way to preserve original elements like a brick hood or vintage range. Styling tip: The backsplash is a great spot to throw in an unlikely element or color. Check out Kirsten Dunst’s penchant for contrasting Majolica tiles.

3. Flooring can make or break your kitchen remodel.

The best kitchen remodels start off with a solid foundation. Since the floor is subject to heavy foot traffic and spills, it’s a good idea to invest in durable, quality flooring. Consider installing protected hardwood floors or natural stone tile that won’t get scratched or dented with normal use. Flooring can make or break your kitchen remodel, so choose a flooring option that is resistant to damage, easy to clean, and nice to look at!

4. Storage space is an essential element of successful kitchen design.

A truly functional kitchen must have plenty of storage space. Organize in style! You can really make the most of any space with smart cabinet designs, like pull-out shelves, or easy-to-access features for corner storage, like Lazy Susans or hanging spice racks. Consider adding a hidden pantry to keep your new kitchen free of clutter.

5. Interior lighting affects aesthetics and function.

You don’t necessarily have to dim the lights, but proper lighting is crucial if you want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen. You’d be surprised how much time is spent in the kitchen—it is often the room that sees the most traffic. To make the kitchen more comfortable, ditch the fluorescent overhead lights for some carefully curated lighting accents. Experienced general contractors can help you avoid dark spots and really shine the light on prep and cooking zones.

6. Paint color sets the mood and offers a personal touch.

The paint color you choose can have a huge impact on the end result of the kitchen remodel. Lighter colors can really open up a space, but richer tones can add that cozy feeling you crave. When painting your kitchen, consider factors such as natural lighting and overall theme. Without the charming personal touches of a classic farmhouse kitchen, whiteout spaces can be more reminiscent of the old “landlord special.”

7. The general contractor you choose can make or break your kitchen remodel or ANY remodeling project!

A successful kitchen remodel requires careful planning, thoughtful interior design, and quality craftsmanship. And years of experience as a general contractor doesn’t hurt, either! Schatz Construction can help you build the kitchen of your dreams by prioritizing your vision in the new design. We’ll guide you every step of the way—our years of industry experience, passion for precision, and respect for creativity can guarantee that your kitchen remodel will be your best investment yet. Contact us today for the best remodeling and construction services in Sacramento or San Joaquin County.

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