The Power of Cool Colors In a Remodel

In the world of home remodeling and interior design, the transformative power of color theory is always available for inspiration. However, embracing the power of cool colors in a remodel goes beyond aesthetics and back to a time when nature was synonymous with spirituality. Learning about cool color palettes can be an exciting journey about creating spaces that foster growth, peace, and spirituality. If you’ve been stuck — in your remodeling project or life generally — let’s look into the power of cool colors in your home remodeling endeavors.

What are cool colors?

Think calming greens, serene blue, and rich purple. Colors on the cool end of the spectrum have a remarkable ability to bring a sense of peace and expansion into any living space. As a California general contractor passionate about creative and accessible home remodeling, we love using the power of cool colors to elevate your home design.

Our creative home remodeling solutions come straight from nature and will help you integrate cool colors to achieve the home aesthetic you want.

4 Reasons to Use Cool Colors In a Remodel

1. Cool colors in a remodel evoke a sense of abundance in your living space.

Cool colors are known for their abundance in nature, recalling the comforting feeling of clear blue skies, lush greenery, and deep floral hues. Infusing cool greens like hunter green or jade into your living space helps to promote a natural calmness and openness. This is great for personal and family growth. A comfortable and expansive living space encourages honest conversation and mindful relaxation!

2. Cool colors create a tranquil retreat in your bedroom or bathroom.

Your home should be your sanctuary. And, implementing the right cool colors can help you create a space that helps you escape the hustle of everyday life. Cool blues like cerulean and Windsor blue are perfect for creating a tranquil retreat in your home. Using softer, muted shades of blue can contribute to more restful sleep in the bedroom. They can also promote spa-like rejuvenation in the bathroom and a calm center of the home. Something as simple as painting your bedroom ceiling blue can enhance your overall wellness!

3. Cool colors inspire new ideas in your workspace or office.

Cool colors are said to be representative of the deeply spiritual. Painting your workspace a cool purple hue such as lilac or mauve can help create an environment conducive to reaching your deepest aspirations. Use a cool purple accent wall to support moments of introspection and inspiration. Cool purple tones are perfect for meditation spaces, yoga studios, and reading nooks.

4. Cool colors have the power to transform your remodeling project.

As you gather more inspiration for your home improvement project, whether that be a bathroom makeover or a full residential renovation, keep in mind the transformative power of cool colors. Schatz Construction & Restoration believes that quality construction is about more than the best craftsmanship— the best remodeling jobs require thoughtful interior design that inspires and rejuvenates.

Contact us today to bring your dream space to life, balance your surroundings, and create an environment that reflects your unique style while prioritizing your goals.

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