Home Renovations That Actually Pay Off

A residential remodeling project can be quite a commitment, but if you rely on quality construction and choose the right projects, your home renovations may actually pay off in the long term. In other words, that modern kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming of for years can actually boost your home’s resale value!

When designing a remodel, remember to prioritize the home improvement projects that increase the enjoyment and livability of a space. Then, take into consideration how a home renovation project can maximize the value of your home. Let’s explore some practical and profitable home renovations with the power to make the biggest difference.

4 Home Renovations That Pay Off

1. Enhance your home’s curb appeal with fresh siding, veneer, or landscaping details.

Turns out that first impressions do matter! If you’re considering a home renovation, starting with the exterior is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Not only does modern siding or a fresh veneer look great to potential buyers, but it’s a great way to invest in the value of your home. A study by Remodeling magazine shows that fiber-cement siding recoups nearly 80 percent of the homeowner’s original investment, with vinyl siding following close behind.

Most modern sidings and veneers are easier to care for and harder to wear down. Durable materials like stone are a popular choice for veneer additions because of the high return on investment. And experts say don’t be afraid to sink some money into perennials, which will continue to show up and delight year after year.

2. Start in the heart of your home with a kitchen remodel.

A kitchen that has been designed thoughtfully is truly priceless. But the numbers show that a minor kitchen renovation can have just as high a return on investment as a major kitchen remodel. Or if you are considering a whole home remodel, the kitchen is a great place to start.

Prioritize quality fixtures like granite countertops or stainless steel appliances over synthetic or mass-produced materials to keep that authentic luxury feel. Kitchen remodels generally bring a 70 to 80 percent ROI and are a home renovation project that always pays off long-term.

3. Show contemporary touches in a bathroom remodel.

Transforming your outdated bathroom into a refreshing spa-like paradise is totally possible with just a few contemporary touches. Bathroom remodels are popular because they provide solid returns in the area of 60 percent. But as with a kitchen remodel, relying too heavily on trends can result in a dated look for one of the most visited rooms in your home.

Designers suggest sticking to classic elements, like bright tiling and warm lighting, that can feel like a big improvement in the room’s appeal. Think about replacing old bathroom fixtures or adding contemporary touches like a sleek modern tub or rustic stone shower. If you want to go the traditional route, going the minimalistic route can help your bathroom remodel to feel like an updated version of those more timeless elements that inspired you.

4. Focus on timeless flooring.

Restoring or replacing your flooring can have a huge impact on your home’s value. Let go of worn carpets for refinished hardwood floors or modern tiles. We’re not in the 90s anymore! Flooring is one of the first things that people notice when they walk into your home and influences the perception of space and size.

Not only will the right flooring make a room feel more expansive, but your choice of flooring can set the theme for the rest of your home. Hardwood can instantly update the aesthetic of a room. If you want to update your home with timeless flooring but are concerned about budget, there are budget-friendly options like quality laminate flooring, too.

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