7 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love!

When remodeling a small bathroom, it’s all about optimizing the space you have while creating an aesthetic experience and functional environment. As one of the best general contracting companies in Lodi, CA, we know the challenges presented by compact bathrooms. But that’s only an invitation to get creative! Our years of experience in home renovations, along with our award-winning design team, means that we’re able to provide the best small bathroom remodeling ideas to help elevate your small space into a spa oasis. Read on below!

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Elevate Your Design and Maximize Your Space

1. Stack storage vertically.

To make the most of your small bathroom, stack storage vertically. Skip the chunky vanity, wicker laundry basket, or standing toilet paper holder. Try to keep floor space as open as possible and install floating shelves, cabinets, and vanities that reach upward. In a small bathroom, we like to utilize the vertical space for towels, toiletries, skincare, and other essentials. Not only does the elevated storage keep labels organized at eye level, but it gives the impression of a larger space.

2. Add a second mirror.

Adding more mirrors is a well-known interior design “trick” to create the illusion of space. But it’s important to consider what you want to reflect. Adding a full-length mirror can make a small bathroom appear too busy, and placing one facing the toilet could create some uncomfortable eye contact. A large but intentionally placed second mirror will reflect light and visually expand the bathroom. A mirrored cabinet or backsplash is another great way to achieve this effect.

3. Opt for larger tiles.

To make the most of your bathroom remodel, opt for larger tiles to create the illusion of a bigger space. Large format tiles also mean fewer grout lines, which helps the bathroom feel less cluttered. Choosing neutral colors or small patterns for your bathroom tiling will give you a timeless look — no more remodels anytime soon!

4. Consider a pocket door.

One of the most effective small bathroom remodeling designs is the pocket door. When the bathroom is tight, traditional swinging doors can eat away at your functional space. Consider installing a pocket door that can slide into the wall when not in use. Pocket doors are a great addition to a small bathroom because they maximize the available space while adding a sleek, modern vibe to your daily routine.

5. Incorporate shelves in the shower.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about unsightly wire racks or bulky shower caddies. Incorporating built-in storage shelves in the shower area is a great way to create functional space without the clutter. Niche shower built-ins can creatively showcase your favorite shampoos, soaps, and skincare products.

6. Choose from wall-mounted fixtures and appliances.

To make the most of a small space, choose fixtures that have a smaller footprint. Consider a wall-mounted sink or pedestal vanity to maximize square footage. A compact toilet with a sleek design can save valuable floor space without compromising style and quality.

7. Install a glass shower door.

To transform a small bathroom, replace the traditional shower curtain or opaque door with a clear glass shower door. A glass shower door provides a seamless transition and encourages a more light, airy atmosphere. Glass shower enclosures help to visually extend the space by getting rid of all tangible barriers.

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Ready to totally transform your small bathroom into your favorite room in the house? These small bathroom remodeling ideas are proven to maximize space while enhancing functionality. Our general contractor and professional design team can help address your small bathroom concerns and prioritize your lifestyle needs so you can have the bathroom of your dreams. A well-built bathroom can turn a daily shower from a mundane chore into a peaceful meditation. Contact us today to get started!

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